Since last update of the webpage Oiva has received many results: Estonian Champion with CACIB -> International Champion with hunting merits (C.I.B., not yet confirmed), another 1st prize in Blood Tracking Test, elit class and 2*3rd prize in Obedience Test, class III.

He also has newborn litter (D.O.B. June 6th, 2016) at Kennel Norrdog's! Dame of the litter is calm, a bit more independent and strong-boned Lapintähti Yön-Taika who balances very well the lively workaholic character and exterior of our sporty boy. There are eight strong and equal puppies, six males and two females in the litter. There will be support available for training (field training, obedience, tracking..) the puppies for the owners. If you are interested please don't hesitate to ask more.

Dame and puppies, 10 days old.

Onni is still going strong, turning 11 at the end of November. He is having extremely thick coat which we have to shave for the summer to make him feel more comfortable in the heat. So he looks like a puppy now. :)




Oiva competed in obedience, class 3 first time with new rules. One stupid mistake caused missing 30 points but he received 3rd prize (TOKO VOI3) anyway. Competion was organized in Lieto on 4.10.2015.

Handler and owner Mari Ahlgren with the great hunteress.
Onni's daughter Geri (Trindy's Yes For Sure) received first prize in cold game test for retrievers, beginner class (NOME-B ALO1) of the Finnish Toller Club on 29.08.2015 at Outokumpu!

Oiva at Tollarspecialen 2015 in Sälen
Oiva was second in working class for males at Tollarspecialen 2015 on 2.8.2015 in Sälen, Sweden. He also participated in the Tolling Hunting test, but unfortunately game deliveries were so sloppy this time that he didn't receive any prize. Oiva's sister Myy (Höpöhännän Hulvattoman Hehkuva) received 2nd prize and half sister Tyyne (Ainstainin Bios Kunnossa) received 1st prize!